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Microbiome 101 – Definition, Testing and Gut Health

Right now, your body is covered in billions of tiny organisms. Most of these organisms have made your digestive tract their home. Consider them your loyal wingmen: their primary job is to support your health and wellbeing.

Yep, leading research is now acknowledging that these organisms, that thrive inside you, and their genetic fingerprint, the “microbiome” are the key to our health and control a variety of physiological actions like your immune system, inflammation in your body, as well as it’s ability to detoxify, make neurotransmitters and vitamin production, absorb the nutrients you eat, control your appetite and your weight just to name a few.

The microbiome affects your mood, your metabolism, and general immunity and perception of stress and the clarity of thoughts.

It helps determine if you’ll be fat, or thin. Or if you’ve got energy or constantly feel tired.

These guys are powerful, in how we feel both physically and emotionally.

So, what is the gut microbiome?

Gut Microbiome Definition

“Micro” means small and “biome” refers the naturally occurring community of flora living in a large habitat – in this case, your body.

And the fascinating thing is our microbiome have shaped our evolution as a species, having gone through a lot of change over the past two million years of evolution.


Microbiome and Gut Health

The biggest collection of microbiome lives in your gut, and the health of your gut is determine by your own individual actions everyday.

Dr Allesio Fasano, a global thought leader and Professor of Harvard Medical School, says the most significant factor related to health of microbiome is the food we eat, and how lifestyle choices like sleep, exercise, and stress management influence the expression of our DNA, along with our gut and brain health.

When your gut health is compromised, your intestinal flora can’t effecting get rid of free radicals, which cause

inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation ad a dysfunctional microbiome is the key component to the increase of allergies, ADHD, autoimmune disease, diabetes, dementia, obesity and cancers.

As we see the number of cases rise with these Western diseases, it’s hard to not correlate the Western diet, the major source of gut dysbyosis, to the health epidemics sweeping the Western world.

Recognising the powerful healing effects the foods you eat has on our gut mirobiome, you have an empowering approach that hands you the control in the health of your gut, ultimately lowering your levels of inflammation, and risk of degenerative diseases and cancers.

So can you test the health of your gut in Australia? And what information will testing your gut give you?


Microbiome Testing Australia

The testing of your gut microbiome has become somewhat popular lately, with various stool testing available. But how accurate or relevant is microbiome testing in Australia?

As you read this, there is really no singular microbiome test in Australia available to tell you the state of your gut, in determining meaningful results and risk factors.

In saying that, there is a method of certain experiences in your life up to this point, such as the nature of your birth, antibiotics use and others, that may have impacted the health of your gut. Knowing these through my Gut Consult,  will determine your next steps in prioritising the lifestyle changes you need to heal your microbiome and gut health.

Next Steps: Book your free Gut Consult, to determine the health of your gut and next steps to optimise the health of your gut microbiome here.



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