Anna Block's

Gutsy Girl Program

Take Back Control Of Your Wellbeing.

What is Anna Block’s

Gutsy Girl Program?

The Gutsy Girl Program is a 12 weeks, individualized interactive 1:1 Wellness Coaching Program for women who are ready to take back control of their gut health.

Whether you’ve just been given a brand new diagnoses, or further along your journey, getting rid of your gut symptoms requires consistency,  clarity and vision, and the right strategies.

The Gutsy Girl can fast track your recovery, and save you years of expensive trial and error.

We use the latest evidence based Nobel Prize winning principles and approaches that have helped hundreds of women gain instant energy, clarity and control, and relief from digestive issues, fatigue and anxiety.

“The Gutsy Girl Program gave me the
consistency I needed to truly recover for good”

Emily R. – Melbourne, VIC

how does the

gutsy girl program work?

Gutsy Girl Coaching is weekly individualised one-on-one wellness coaching that fits in with your current routine along with easy-to-follow personalised planners, worksheets, checklists, resource lists and Fun Sheets. All the Sessions are interactive and online or over the phone, from the comfort of your own home. These sessions are designed to ensure accountability for my members to take consistent action, build confidence and have the ongoing support and receive the highest value for their investment in their health.

Member also have access to in-between session support in the online Gutsy Girl Women’s Only Support Group where you can connect with others on a journey similar to you.

The Gutsy Program Supports 3 Steps:

  1. Sorting Out Your Specific Nutritional Needs Based On The Latest Nobel Prize Winning Approach
  2. Lowering Your Inflammation – To Get Rid Of The Physical Symptoms Like Bloating, Constipation, Weight Gain and Acne.
  3. Balancing Out Your Hormones. That Way You Get Rid of Those Ups and Downs and Feel Calm, Balanced and Energized Consistently On Most Days.

Plus, you’re a Gutsy Girl for life. You have access to the online Support Group where you can reinforce the principles you learn and move away from relying on willpower and motivation, to a place where your wellbeing is on auto-pilot, having the accountability and support you need to get the consistency, confidence and skills that will see you take back control .

Along the way, you will create the mindset, strategies and tools to eat in a way that supports your goals, increases your energy, identify your hidden mental triggers, resolves stress and create wellbeing and a life you LOVE.

For more information on the Gutsy Girl Program, and to preview the Program Content, go to the Program Page here


If you want to learn the consistency and lifestyle changes you need to be symptom free, work out what to eat, when to eat it, and what to avoid so you can take back control of your wellbeing, The Gutsy Girl Program is for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

You’re Type A, Results Driven, Ambitious and Ready To Learn

Whether you have the ‘gut feeling’ something is wrong or just been diagnosed with gut issues, you recognise the quickest way to accelerate your recovery and master your symptoms is through the latest evidence based principles and support of a Wellness Coach and Support Group.

You’re Overwhelmed and Anxious but Ready To Take Back Control

You’ve worked with other allied Health Practitioners, like a naturopath, and seem to get some relief but struggle to get the consistency you need. You’re ready to get rid of the ups and downs and feel calm, balanced and energized and need to fill the missing gaps in your current strategy.

Your Biggest Struggle: Consistency and Motivation

You’ve done your own extensive research and know exactly what to do, and what to eat based on your unique situation, hormones and symptoms but….you can’t seem to get the consistency you need to recover long term. You do really well for a bit, and then you fall of the wagon, or a stressor comes up and you flare up again, and you want to finally get off the merry go round, with the accountability and support you need to resolve this for good.

Who Coaches The Gutsy Girl Program?

The Gutsy Girl Program is led by Anna Block, qualified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Coach and the Founder of the Fatigue to Flourish Program and Gutsy Girl Program.

Anna specialises in Women’s Health and her mission is to support, connect and empower women to take back control of their health through the lifestyle and behaviour changes they need for long term success.

Gutsy Girl Members can ask questions and get feedback with in-between session support with Anna in the online Support Group 24/7. Anna brings expertise in Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, Gut Health and Adrenal Fatigue.

How Do I Get Started?

The Gutsy Girl Program enjoys resounding success from the women that join our community. Not everyone who is interested is able to join, as we want to ensure a good fit for the Program, your vision and level of commitment.

To register your interest for the next round:

  1. Book Your Program Pre-Interview Consultation
  2. Fill our Your Gut Assessment Questionnaire
  3. Upon Admission, Receive Your Welcome Pack & Join Our Vibrant Online Facebook Community